"Grandpa and Pickleboy get into a heated debate surrounding tonight's Presidential debates featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, leading to a complete meltdown!"
— description

ANGRY GRANDPA'S HILLARY VS. TRUMP DEBATE MELTDOWN! is a video that focused on Grandpa wrecking his HDTV over the Presidential debate featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The video was uploaded on September 26, 2016. As of February 2020, the video has over 1.5 million views.


Michael was about to finish speaking to his father, when Grandpa keeps cutting him off until Michael tells him to let him finish. Afterwards, Grandpa loses his patience and tells Michael to go home. After a brief pause, Michael says that Grandpa had to watch the debate before saying to him that he would put up a C-SPAN or some kind and that it was all riots. Grandpa gets up and shoves the TV off the shelf and onto the floor, shocking Michael and Brigette. Grandpa asked that if Michael was filming it, which Michael responds by saying that he and Brigette were filming Grandpa destroying the TV and states that nobody will watch the debate now. Grandpa states that the debate was on one channel, but Michael implies that the debate is on other channels, and that all Grandpa sees was Fox News. In the end, Grandpa uses a wrench to put holes in the TV in the process.


  • This video marks the first time to involve the Presidentially Debate featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
  • When Michael was conversing to his father on the debate, he mentioned that the channel airing the debate was Fox News.
  • The video has 30,000 likes and 2.3K dislikes.
  • When Angry Grandpa wrecks the HDTV, this was similar to ANGRY GRANDPA SMASHES HDTV and ANGRY GRANDPA'S SUPERBOWL 50 FREAKOUT.
  • According to Michael, the Presidential debates featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are also on a bunch of channels, such as ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, CNN News and BBC America News.


Victim Destructor Result
Angry GRANDPA'S HDTV Angry Grandpa No longer functions, destroyed, with many holes in screen. Replaced
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's Presidential Debate Not watched due to Angry Grandpa destroying the TV



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