ANGRY GRANDPA'S NEW PHONE! (PRANK) is a video posted on July 26, 2016 and the 567th video on the TheAngryGrandpaShow channel at the time.


The video begins with Michael and his GF saying that AG should've thought twice about destroying his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, so they got a present for him and it was a new Galaxy S7 Edge. He is exited, but when he opened it, it was full of rocks. This made him throw it at a painting and it shatters.

Michael then got a cheap phone that cost $7 and said that was his phone. This made grandpa destroy it and kick them out of the house for good.


A lot of people didn't like the video just because Angry Grandpa was ungrateful for his new phone. Others however, liked the destruction and hope they get more.


Victim Destructor Result
Box & Stones Angry Grandpa Later Cleaned
Painting Destroyed, Shattered & No Longer Edible
Unknown Cheap Phone Destroyed; disposed of.
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