"Grandpa freaks out and destroys his television during Super Bowl 50!!"
— Description

ANGRY GRANDPA'S SUPERBOWL 50 FREAKOUT! is a destruction video where Angry Grandpa throws a hissy fit over the fiftieth Super Bowl.



The Denver Broncos have just scored another touchdown, and Angry Grandpa is upset as he is a Carolina Panthers fan. After the touchdown, Angry Grandpa angrily grabs the TV and throws it onto the ground, to the shock of Michael and Charlie. Angry Grandpa then proceeds to smash the TV with a hockey stick and hurls the TV room counter onto it as well, all while criticizing Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.  

Michael tries to calm Angry Grandpa down by saying that the game wasn't over and that the Panthers could come back, but Angry Grandpa refuses to listen. He then tells Charlie to unplug all of the electronics in fear that they will catch fire as Angry Grandpa rages on, continuing to smash the now destroyed TV with a large wrench and a wooden chair. 

Michael tells him to stop as the TV is now a wreck, and continues to insist that the Panthers may still win. But Angry Grandpa declares that the game is indeed over and the video ends as he finishes off the TV with a hammer. 

The Broncos beat the Panthers by a score of 24-10. 


Victim Destructor Result
Angry Grandpa's Television Angry Grandpa Hammered, thrown onto ground, unfixable
Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos Lost the game 24-10
TV Room Counter Angry Grandpa Got dirty because of food, but unharmed
TV Room Desk Angry Grandpa Knocked over, but presumably unharmed
Wooden Chair Angry Grandpa Thrown onto ground, but unharmed
Small Shelf Angry Grandpa Thrown onto ground, but unharmed
Beaded Decorations Angry Grandpa Knocked down; no longer hung
Angry Grandpa's TV's Cable Box Angry Grandpa Broken


  • Neither the Carolina Panthers or Denver Broncos reached the 2017 NFL Playoffs.  
  • This video lead to what is quite possibly one of Angry Grandpa's craziest rages yet. 
  • Angry Grandpa had another rage on September 8, 2016 during a rematch between the Panthers and the Broncos, in which the Panthers lost once again. However in this rage, he did not destroy his TV, but instead took his anger out on the jersey he was wearing by slashing it with a kitchen knife.[1]


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