Angry Grandpa's TATTOO MELTDOWN is a rage video uploaded on April 18, 2015 where Angry Grandpa has a meltdown after receiving a prank tattoo.



After reaching one million subscribers on TheAngryGrandpaShow channel, Michael, Bridgette and Angry Grandpa go to Artistic Ink, a tattoo parlour, to receive the tattoos they promised. Michael already got his tattoo (the Angry Grandpa logo on his right forearm) as well as Bridgette (a tiara on her right foot). Angry Grandpa is supposed to think that he is getting a motorcycle tattooed on his back, but he is sadly mistaken as the two of them along with Tim (the tattoo artist) are planning on pranking him by tattooing a "bio-hazard tramp-stamp" that says my 'ass stinks'!

As Tim presses the "my ass stinks" stencil onto Angry Grandpa's back, he reassures Angry Grandpa that it is a motorcycle when asked. The inking begins as Angry Grandpa fights through the pain, and at one point he lets out a loud fart that causes Tim to back away while Bridgette starts laughing.

At last, the tattoo is finished, and Angry Grandpa happily tells Pickleboy to look at his "bike". Michael sees the tattoo and Bridgette claims she loves it. Angry Grandpa wants to see the tattoo in the mirror, but neither he nor Pickleboy know how to work it. A muscular man, presumably a guard, helps them and upon seeing his tattoo, Angry Grandpa shouts "WHAT!? MY ASS STINKS!?".

He then shoves Michael out of the way and angrily storms to the front of the parlour yelling at Tim as to why he put the tattoo on him. After Tim says it was Michael's idea, Angry Grandpa responds by smashing a guitar in half and flipping over a table. Outraged, the muscular man tells him to leave, but Angry Grandpa rants at the two men as Michael tries to control the situation.

He eventually persuades Angry Grandpa to leave, but before doing so he dumps the contents of a waste bin onto the floor. Michael then apologizes to the two men, and Tim responds that someone has to pay to fix the guitar. Outside, Michael tells Angry Grandpa that the cops are being called. In the aftermath video, it's revealed that Angry Grandpa along with Michael and Bridgette are banned from the parlour, despite Michael agreeing to pay for the damage.


  • The guitar that Angry Grandpa destroyed was not the same guitar that was laying in the spot while Michael and Bridgette were getting their tattoos. In BANNED FROM THE TATTOO SHOP , Michael gives an explanation for this. In a deleted scene, Angry Grandpa was holding a different guitar while playing a song called "F*ck You Bridgette" while Bridgette is getting her tattoo.
  • The temper tantrum begins at 2:32 when Angry Grandpa shouts "WHAT! MY ASS STINKS!"
  • Because of this, Angry Grandpa's heart hardened toward Pickleboy, and refused to speak to him or even have anything to do with him for about a month. Unfortunately, Pickleboy didn't realize how powerful Grandpa's hate was until GRANDPA FLIPS OUT! (PICKLEBOY WRECKS DINNER!).
  • Pickleboy was criticized by many of the viewers for his cruel prank, saying that it was his fault that the tattoo shop got destroyed, and that he crossed the line by giving Grandpa the tattoo.


Victim Destructor Result
Guitar Angry Grandpa Smashed to the ground.
Waste Angry Grandpa .Remained on the floor
Table Angry Grandpa May have a dent in the middle after guitar was slammed against it, otherwise unharmed
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