ANGRY GRANDPA DESTROYS IPAD PRO!! is a video uploaded to TheAngryGrandpaShow on November 14, 2015. In this video, Grandpa breaks Pickleboy's $1,000 new iPad Pro.



Pickleboy wants Grandpa for 5 minutes, so he can show him the video. Pickleboy says "Sit down, watch this video." "I am not gonna watch this video," Grandpa says. "Dude, sit down and watch it! Sit down!" Pickleboy says. Grandpa isn't sitting down and bangs it with a hammer, and Pickleboy screams loudly "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, STOP IT!!!!!!!!!", and causing the battery to explode and smoke to fill the room. Pickleboy exclaims that the iPad Pro costs $1,000. Pickleboy gets upset and says "I've had it! I've had it!". Pickleboy says "I've had it!", flips the table and rants. Grandpa and Pickleboy have a quarrel. The video ends by Grandpa saying "Take your damn tablet".

Aftermath Videos



  • This video would have been uploaded a day before, but due to the November 2015 Paris attacks, it was pushed a day later.
  • The video playing in the background is "Angry Grandpa Destroys Kitchen Table!!".
  • The iPad wasn't the only item broken in this video. As revealed in the first aftermath video, Pickleboy also broke Grandpa's table.
  • This is the most angry Michael has been in one video.


Victim Destructor Result
Pickleboy’s new iPad Pro Angry Grandpa Destroyed; disposed of
Grandpa's Table Michael Broken
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