ANGRY GRANDPA DESTROYS KITCHEN!! is a video uploaded to TheAngryGrandpaShow on March 13, 2016. In this video, Grandpa smashes his refrigerator and stove.



The video starts with the guy hanging the pans up and Grandpa wants to get the fridge, but Michael says we'll get it later. Grandpa opens the fridge and kicks the food. Grandpa opens the fridge fast and Michael says "You chill! Get it out! Get it out! You're not getting it!". The guy wants to pick up the shelves, but says he can't get the fridge. Grandpa hammers the glass on the fridge and smashes the dragger in the fridge. Grandpa wants to get a refrigerator, but he says "No, you cannot!". The guy is not calling the police. Grandpa opens the freezer and says "No refrigerator.". Michael says "You're not getting it!". Grandpa smashes the stove and smashes the glass. Grandpa is farting and Michael says "Cry, don't sick of it shit with you!". Grandpa uses the mic. to say "I want a refrigerator!". Grandpa sits down on the chair in the dining room and the video ends.

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  • The Angry Grandpa wants to get a refrigerator, but Michael says "You are not getting the refrigerator!".
  • The refrigerator and stove were broken in this video.
  • This is not to be confused with the 2011 version of the same name and was in Trailwood.
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