"Grandpa may have finally gone too far by destroying Pickleboy's kitchen, leading to an emotional breakdown by Bridgette"
— Description

ANGRY GRANDPA DESTROYS PICKLEBOY'S KITCHEN! is an episode of TheAngryGrandpaShow. It was uploaded in December 5, 2015 and has recieved over 1.6 million views as of January 2016.



The video begins with Michael and Bridgette rushing down the stairs, with Michael tripping and falling halfway down. He is in shock, but not injured. Bridgette goes into the kitchen, where Angry Grandpa is shown going through their cabinets, smashing plates, silverware, and food onto the ground in the process. Bridgette asks what he is looking for, and Angry Grandpa responds that he is looking for a chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Over the course of the video, Michael and Bridgette repeatedly tell Angry Grandpa that they do not have a recipe and that they buy cookies from the store, but Angry Grandpa does not believe them and insists that he gave them a recipe at some point so they could go buy the ingredients to make cookies. Pickleboy takes the Christmas tree. It's 3:24, and Pickleboy says "Get it out of here!". "We don't have it!" Bridgette says. Bridgette tries to persuade Michael to call the police, but he refuses to listen (even though he said that he's about to), too upset at the destruction of his kitchen. Bridgette eventually tells Angry Grandpa to leave, which he does but not before declaring that he will return. Bridgette and Pickleboy are then shown crying and contemplating what to do as this is the final straw for the both of them.  



Victims Destructor Result
Pickleboy’s Kitchen/Stuff Angry Grandpa Destroyed; Later Fixed/Cleaned Up
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