"Grandpa suffers a MASSIVE fail when he drives into the swimming pool causing an epic family meltdown.."
— Description

ANGRY GRANDPA DRIVES INTO SWIMMING POOL is a video where Angry Grandpa destroys his $7,000 pool at his new residence. The video was uploaded on September 4, 2015 on TheAngryGrandpaShow and has over 6.9 million views as of August 2018.


The video opens with Michael and Angry Grandpa arguing over charcoal bags. Grandpa takes the charcoal bags from his car into his garage. He makes his case to Michael that he cooks out a lot now, and that cooking out is never over even if summer is about to end.

Eventually, Grandpa gets into his car. He asks Michael to help him back up. But as he starts to tell Grandpa he is getting too close, Grandpa accidentally crashes the car into the pool! Michael yells to drive forward. Grandpa yells "OH GODDAMN!!!" as he notices the damaged pool. While Jamie examine the damage, Angry Grandpa heads to his shed to grab a sword. He hits the sword against the pool several times, which causes visible leakage. He then blames Michael for "not backing him up" (even though he did).

Angry Grandpa goes back to his shed to grab a shovel, which he hits several more times against the pool like he did the sword, making more leaks. Michael is furious at Grandpa, exclaiming that the pool cost $7,000, followed by Bridgette telling him that he is ungrateful. Michael, in a fit of rage, hits the pool with the shovel, creating another leak. He tells Grandpa that he needs to get his car out of the backyard and tells Bridgette to start making calls and that Grandpa would get his license taken away. The video ends with Grandpa exiting the backyard driving in his car.



  • This video is somewhat similar to the McJuggerNuggets video "Psycho Uncle Impacts Pool" in that an outdoor pool is destroyed with a car in both videos.
  • This video started the small series of Grandpa moving into a tent in the backyard of his new house as a reference to McJuggerNuggets.
  • According to Michael, this is most expensive thing AGP has ever broken. The cost was $7,000.
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