ANGRY GRANDPA EATS OUT OF THE TOILET!! (VOMIT ALERT) is a video in which Angry Grandpa states his toilet is clean enough to eat off of, then proves it by actually doing it.



The video opens with a brief clip of Michael warning viewers that the video is disgusting, with Angry Grandpa throwing up in the background and Bridgette watching in disgust.

Michael asks for a piece of meat, and Angry Grandpa refuses to give him one because he's already had one. He then notices that Angry Grandpa put bleach and something else next to the food, and asks him why he has it there, and Angry Grandpa says he wanted it there. When Bridgette says he needs a nap, Michael agrees, and Angry Grandpa says that it took him 45 minutes to clean his toilet. After Michael sarcastically replies "Let's everybody give dad a hand.", Angry Grandpa says his toilet is eat enough to eat off of. Then, after a brief argument between him, Michael, and Bridgette, he shoves Michael out of his way, then gets a spoon and a can of SpaghettiOs.

With the spoon and the SpaghettiOs, Angry Grandpa goes to the bathroom, then pours the SpaghettiOs all over the toilet. Michael and Bridgette begged him not to, and when Michael says he doesn't think he'll do it, Angry Grandpa takes a few spoonfuls and eats them.

Michael cuts the camera, then opens back up to him and Bridgette telling him to stop. Michael flushes the toilet, but not before Angry Grandpa took another bite. He tells Angry Grandpa that he's disgusting and that what he's doing isn't sanitary. Angry Grandpa replies by saying "It's good!", and Michael, clearly shocked, yells "OH MY GOD, DAD!" He cuts the camera.

Michael, now trying to force Angry Grandpa away from the toilet, starts filming again as Angry Grandpa scrapes some newly poured SpaghettiOs off the bowl, just next to the water. Michael asks what his problem is, to which Angry Grandpa says "That's good!". A few moments later, Michael realizes something, then stops AGP as he drinks some of the water he scraped up. He then reminds Angry Grandpa that Charlie was just in there using the bathroom. They cut to a brief clip from a vlog posted earlier that day that shows Charlie leaving the bathroom. Angry Grandpa shouts for Charlie when he remembers, then busts into Charlie's room asking what he did when he went to the bathroom. Charlie answers, "I took a s**t, man."

Michael and Charlie burst out in laughter, and Charlie asks Michael what Angry Grandpa just did. Michael tells him that Angry Grandpa ate off the toilet. Meanwhile, Angry Grandpa is trying to puke into the toilet. Michael and Charlie are asking him why he did it and making remarks about it for about a minute. Michael cuts the camera.

He opens up on Angry Grandpa walking out of the bathroom, then demanding that Charlie opens his door. Michael says Angry Grandpa has no reason to be mad because he decided to eat off the toilet not knowing Charlie was in there before him. Charlie eventually opens the door, and Angry Grandpa starts scolding him as the video ends.


  • Video was removed recently, possibly due to Angry Grandpa eating out of a toilet and barfing. The video has been re-uploaded.
  • The toilet is an early 1990s Orion Novara.
  • This is the most grossest video on the channel due to grandpa eating out of the toilet (disgusting).
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