"Today we prank Bridgette into thinking Grandpa sold his dream car to buy a Chevy Tahoe (her Christmas present)"
— Description

ANGRY GRANDPA SOLD HIS DREAM CAR is a video uploaded onto TheAngryGrandpaShow YouTube channel on December 20, 2016.


The video begins with Pickleboy telling the audience his upcoming prank he plans to pull on Bridgette where Angry Grandpa sells his "dream car" for a 2017 Chevy Tahoe (the Tahoe being Bridgette's Christmas present). Pickleboy and Bridgette walk out the backdoor only to be greeted with a "honk" from Angry Grandpa, in the new Chevy Tahoe. Angry Grandpa tells the two that he traded his 1955 car for the new car, wanting a $10,000 check.

While inside, Bridgette complains to Pickleboy about how the 1955 car was supposed to be his "dream car". Bridgette starts crying, but accepts Angry Grandpa's decision. They come outside to the driveway with the check, complementing the car. But after playing around for a little longer, Angry Grandpa tells Bridgette that he did not sell his car, and that the Chevy Tahoe is actually Bridgette's Christmas present, and hands her the keys. Bridgette pranks Pickleboy by pretending she does not have control over the car, in which Pickleboy is unimpressed.


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