""Angry Grandpa calls DIRECTV in the midst of learning they will be losing all viacom related channels...""
— Description

ANGRY GRANDPA VS DIRECTV is a video where Angry Grandpa angrily calls DirecTV over them temporarily taking down all Viacom-owned channels. The video was uploaded on July 15, 2012 and has generated over 1 million views as of May 2018.



DirecTV has blacked out all channels owned by Viacom including Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, Cartoon Network and more. The video begins with Angry Grandpa picking up the phone to contact DirecTV. A woman named Tonya answers only to get a rude request for the complaint department. She complies, as Pickleboy laughs.

Angry Grandpa starts getting racist as the complaint line picks up, saying the man "talks shit". He says that they took away MTV, Nick, VH1, TV LAND and more. He continues ranting at the complaint department and trying to swear them out because they took off South Park. Apparently he has had DirecTV for a year and a half. While continuing the rant, he tries to rush the line and explains that he has 4 grandsons.

He asks why they took off SpongeBob, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central and South Park. Then he tells Pickleboy he is going to blow. He threatens to come down there and deal with it "himself". A woman named Shameeka picks up when Angry Grandpa finally decides to ease up and address the situation calmly. But this eventually fails once he mentions Nickelodeon (due to his grandsons being 'held hostage' due to no TV). He thinks that everybody at the complaint department are from foreign countries because they "don't treat people right".

He tells Shameeka that he has been on Comedy Central and that he is Angry Grandpa. Angry Grandpa walks back and forth talking about his "army of subscribers" while kicking a chair down in the kitchen. He throws a few stuff around while cursing out Shameeka and makes more threats. Once he hangs up, he apologizes to Pickleboy and says that he did not mean to blow up like that.

Later, while complaining to Pickleboy about the whole Viacom situation, he is told that he does not have DirecTV. It turns out he has Comcast XFINITY, and that the reason he thought he had DirecTV was because it was "direct" when he turned the TV on. The video ends with Angry Grandpa saying "Fuck DirecTV!"


  • He pronounces SpongeBob as "SpoungeBob".
    • He also refers to SpongeBob as a "piece of shit sea creature"
  • A year after this video, it is revealed he had Time Warner Cable when a video was made about him complaining to them.
  • Bridgette is neither seen, heard, nor spoken of in this video. This is a rarity for videos 2012 and after that include both Angry Grandpa and Pickleboy.
  • The channels mentioned as taken away were Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, TV Land, Cartoon Network, BET, Spike TV, and VH1.
  • The shows mentioned as taken away were 1000 Ways to Die, SpongeBob SquarePants and South Park.
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