"Grandpa finds himself addicted to Candy Crush Saga only weeks after first playing it.."
— Description

Angry Grandpa's ADDICTED to Candy Crush Saga is an episode uploaded onto TheAngryGrandpaShow YouTube channel on June 19, 2013.



Angry Grandpa is sitting at his kitchen table on his tablet playing the game Candy Crush. During this, Pickleboy turns camera to reveal that Angry Grandpa is cooking burger patties on a broken grill. He gets up to check on the burgers and tells Pickleboy "You broke it!" As he sits back down, he asks Pickleboy for his credit card so that he can buy more moves on the game. He refuses and demands Pickleboy's wallet. Apparently he has been stuck on a certain level for three whole days.

Pickleboy asks about the $20 he recently gave Angry Grandpa, which he says it does not accept cash. The broken grill lights up so Angry Grandpa flips the burgers over. He continues to beg for the card, but Pickleboy gives the excuse that "he will wake up with $100 missing". Angry Grandpa needs to stop as it is an addiction. Pickleboy goes to check on the burgers once more and accidentally burns himself. When they are done, Angry Grandpa throws away his buns because they are almost black.

Sometime later, Pickleboy takes the tablet away from Angry Grandpa due to his addiction, only to find out that he was about to spend $39.99 for power-ups and moves. After already admitting to paying $100, Pickleboy sorts through Angry Grandpa's kitchen and shows him what Candy Crush does to the mind (he places an egg on the counter representing his brain, and smashes it with a pan representing what his brain is with Candy Crush Saga).


  • The broken grill Angry Grandpa was using is called a "George Foreman Grill".
  • This is one of the few videos from TheAngryGrandpaShow where Angry Grandpa destroys next to nothing (though he did knock a bag of moldy bread into the sink).
    • In fact, Pickleboy performs more destruction by just smashing an egg with a frying pan.
  • In Angry Grandpa Plays Flappy Bird, it is revealed that Angry Grandpa hates Flappy Bird more than Candy Crush.
  • Angry Grandpa has already spent, was in the process of spending, had the potential of spending or wanted to spend a total of $261.99 in this video.
  • The part where Pickleboy smashes an egg could be a parody of an old anti-drug PSA where an egg gets cracked to represent your brain on drugs.

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