Angry Grandpa's Smoke Alarms are heard in some of Michael's videos. Michael and Bridgette set off the smoke alarms in one of their pranks on Grandpa where they trick him into thinking they have activated a grenade which was given to them by Bridgette's dad, Doug. Soon he finds out that it is just a smoke grenade and shortly after, his smoke alarms start sounding off.

Another time that the fire alarm activates is when Grandpa is in the video 'Grandpa and Bridgette Love Oysters'. After he pulls the oysters out of the oven, the alarm in his bedroom goes off. He yells at the alarm to shut up and shortly after, it does!

While Grandpa is making 'Trailer Park Pizza' his alarm sounds off 3 times! The first time appears to be because of the bacon he has frying on the stove, his bedroom alarm activates. He walks over to his room and slams the door, and explains that that is how he shuts the alarm up. However he might have spoke to soon as the alarm sounds again as he is putting the second layer of cheese on the pizza. This is possibly because there is some smoke remnants left from his frying earlier. At first he ignores the alarm, but as all of them start to sound, he tells them to shut the fuck up. Straight after, they sound again (most probably for the same reason) while he is taking a picture of his pizza. He waits a while again, and then walks towards the thermostat yelling 'BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, SHUT UP' and again, they do.

Since Michael bought Grandpa a New House, the alarms in the new property seem to have been disconnected. This is possible because of Grandpa's and Charlie's smoking habits.


  • The alarms in his New Trailer make a '3 beep, pause, 3 beep, pause' alarm sound.
  • The alarms always false alarm and get told to shut the fuck up by Grandpa.
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