Angry Grandpa's Still Married! is an episode of Angry Grandpa, uploaded on June 10th, 2013.



The video takes place over a 5 day timeframe, starting on Monday. Grandpa receives a letter from an lawyer, claiming that his divorce with Tina Green has been denied. Grandpa calls Michael, furiously demanding he come to his trailer. He rips the letter, throws his chairs, and angrily asks that Tina leave him alone. Impatient, he calls Michael, who is near his front porch.

Enraged, Grandpa demands an lawyer and threatens Michael with an chair, destroying it with an hammer. On Tuesday, Grandpa insists on getting an lawyer, and rips apart a shirt. On Wednesday, Grandpa calls Tina's lawyer (who is actually Issac). On Thursday, Michael tells him that Tina called, telling Michael she will be coming back. Grandpa calls the police, in an effort to get the matter resolved.

On Friday, Grandpa places the blame on Michael, telling him he's no longer his son. On Saturday, Michael and Bridgette leave Grandpa at the courthouse, while they go to Walmart. Grandpa notices the courthouse is only open on weekdays, and realizes he's been stranded. After over an hour, Michael and Bridgette return to the courthouse and tell Grandpa it was all an prank.


  • Per the description, this prank took nearly an week to pull off.
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