"Grandpa continues the clean up and poops his pants as he deals with his broken sink..."
— Description

Angry Grandpa’s Broken Kitchen Sink 2 is a video uploaded in TheAngryGrandpaShow on March 10th, 2012.


Grandpa gets mad & angry over the sink for not working in the kitchen & gets more angry & Pickleboy & Grandpa argue over the Broken Kitchen Sink & Grandpa Angrily Blames Michael about the broken kitchen sink, then grandpa goes to the bathroom & poops his pants then Bridgette & Pickleboy laugh over grandpa pooping his pants, grandpa then goes inside the bathroom, then grandpa later decides to fix, Bridgette Tells Grandpa That That was gross & the poop inside his pants is like mud on the butt & it is poop on the butt. Then He gets more angry & he decides to threaten Pickleboy with a tool, the video ends.



  • This is the short video of TheAngryGrandpaShow & Grandpa was not fixing the broken kitchen sink, maybe there was a deleted scene of Grandpa fixing the broken sink & it happens in the video ‘Angry Grandpa’s Broken Kitchen Sink 2’, Grandpa shitted his pants before he was going to the bathroom after he says that he got poop inside his butt.


Victim Destructor Result
Unknown Thing Angry Grandpa Picked Up off the floor by Michael.
Pants Angry Grandpa Pooped, Later Cleaned Up By Angry Grandpa While He Was In The Bathroom, Later Worn By Him Again.
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