"Pickleboy tricks Grandpa into believing that he has hit and killed somebody after a night of heavy drinking."

Angry Grandpa - The Hit and Run PRANK! is a video uploaded onto the TheAngryGrandpaShow YouTube channel on 25 May, 2013. Michael pranks Angry Grandpa into thinking he has killed someone with his car.


After getting slightly drunk on a date, Michael gets Grandpa a taxi home. The next morning, Michael learns that Grandpa doesn't remember how he got home the previous night. Michael smears fake blood, hair and skull fragments on Grandpa's car. After waking Grandpa up, they go outside and find the scene. Grandpa panics and thinks his neighbours have called the police on him. Grandpa calls the police (actually just Charlie) to turn himself in. Grandpa then tries to clean the blood, and rages at Michael for laughing. When Michael reveals its a prank, Grandpa chases him into the bathroom.



The video has mostly positive reviews. A decent like to dislike ratio. As of May 2018, the video has amassed almost 6 million views.

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