Over the years, AGP has accumulated controversy, and so has Michael Green. This article will list controversies about AGP himself.

Angry Grandpa


AGP has been accused of racism multiple times, due to his behavior on older videos. As he got more popular however, he stopped saying racist things, likely because he didn't want to be seen as a racist.

Child Abuse

AGP has been accused of child abuse in his earlier videos. This can be seen when he chucks toys at his grandchildren in some Christmas videos.

Michael Green

Handicapped Incident

On August 9th, 2018, Michael and Bridgette had parked in a handicapped spot. He later insulted a handicapped women on twitter

Tattoo Video

For the one million subscribers, Grandpa, Michael, and Bridgette all went to get tattoos. Michael got the Angry Grandpa logo on his arm, Bridgette got a princess tiara tattoo on her foot, and Grandpa was supposed to get a motorcycle tramp stamp tattoo. However, Michael and Bridgette tricked Grandpa and instead he got a tattoo with the phrase "My ass stinks" under it. Fans were furious at Michael


On Michael's now terminated account xxcigaroxx, he uploaded a video of him cooking food for his family. The video contains footage of him spitting and urinating into it and then serving it to them, where they eat it. It has been reuploaded here:

Clickbait Videos

Starting with early 2018, Michael has started to upload videos with misreading titles. These include, but are not limited to, “WE HAVE BAD NEWS”, “WE’RE LEAVING”, “ME AND BRIDGETTE BROKE UP”, etc. These videos, and Michael‘s response to criticism over this have been criticized.

Relations with DaddyOFive

Around early 2017, Michael became friends with fellow freakout channel, DaddyOFive(also known as Mike Martin) who had about 700k subscriber. Michael even helped pranked one of D05’s son that involved making him think they were sending him to Michael’s house. However in April 2017, controversial aroused when it was discoved that most if not all of D05’s videos contain content that was consider to be possible child abuse. Michael defended D05 on Twitter, (making him one of the few mainstream youtubers to defend him), stating that the kids were acting(At the time, D05 claimed that the videos were fake). Michael received criticism for this as most people believed that D05 was abusive towards his kids as well as some of Michael’s past videos showing him being possibly abusive towards his nephews.

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