Angry Grandpa Gets Evicted is a episode of Angry Grandpa, uploaded on September 29, 2012.



The video starts with Michael and Grandpa on the road, heading to a gas station. Meanwhile, Bridgette is at Grandpa's trailer, taping a fake eviction notice on the front door. Grandpa attempts to leave Michael behind at the gas station, but he manages to get in the car. They return to the trailer, and see the eviction notice. Furious, Grandpa rips the letter apart and throws a chair out of the porch. Inside, Grandpa continues to rage, ripping a pair of headphones. He calls the number listed on the letter, and speaks to a representative (who is actually Bridgette). He goes on a tirade, yelling insults at her and telling her he will be filing a complaint. Bridgette knocks on the door, causing Grandpa to hide in his room. Michael promptly tells him it is a prank, causing Grandpa to throw a chair and onion at him.

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