Angry Grandpa Gets Kicked Out of Cici's Pizza is an episode of TheAngryGrandpaShow. It has been re-uploaded by an archive channel as "Angry Grandpa Having A Smashing Time At Cici's" after being deleted. It was re-uploaded by another YouTube user, after the AngryGrandpaARCHIVES re-upload was permanently removed on May 7, 2018. And later, it was re-uploaded by another Dailymotion user.


Angry Grandpa is very angry with the Cici's employees because he ordered a pizza 2 hours ago and he still hasn't got it. After yelling at a young employee, he starts breaking plates by throwing them on the floor, and he explains the problem when the manager confronts him over it. The manager tells him to calm down because he has guests, to which Grandpa responds, "I bet they want deep dish too." five times. Angry Grandpa then eats off the buffet, and gets told off again by the manager. Grandpa is then escorted out of the restaurant by two employees, but he gets a last kick in by knocking over a pile of pizza boxes while he's being escorted out. The manager then tells Michael to turn the camera off. Angry Grandpa is lastly seen throwing pizza boxes at the restaurant from outside.


Because of their ever-increasing fame across the country, Michael was approached by the manager of the restaurant, who claimed to be the owner and wanted to boost the restaurant's ratings through pulling a public prank on Grandpa for their channel. Ultimately, Michael agreed and convinced Grandpa to dine at the restaurant with him and Bridgette, though as the prank proceeded, two hours passed and Grandpa began to freak out over the fact that his pizza hadn't been cooked. Following this, Grandpa was kicked out of the restaurant, though after stepping back inside, the restaurant's employees purposefully "forgot" to put up the no-slip sign and Grandpa slipped over in the process, causing considerable harm to his knee. Afterwards, the video was uploaded to TheAngryGrandpaShow and immediately went viral, causing the restaurant to fire the manager and close down for an entire day; Michael was phoned by the restaurant's staff and was threatened with legal charges should the video not be removed from the Internet, forcing him to spend the next two months deleting his own video and those who had copied the video onto their own channels or websites. Instead of apologizing for his actions, Grandpa responded by uploading a video of himself eating a Pizza Hut takeaway and saying bad things about the restaurant on his MySpace account. Eventually, Michael grew tired of being the restaurant's errand boy and began to let Grandpa answer the phone calls from the restaurant, leading to a slew of verbal and physical threats. Finally, Michael responded by sending them the video of Grandpa slipping over in the restaurant and threatened to countersue them before ending their final phone call, with Grandpa arrogantly declaring himself the victor in this "war." One year later, Michael encountered the manager at a clothes store and the latter thanked him repeatedly for getting him fired, claiming to have hated working there, and eventually reunited with Grandpa several years later at the flea market, with the two of them having placed their issues aside.


  • A little later, he explains to Michael that he has been waiting for two hours, which seems odd since Michael should already know that, since he presumably was in the restaurant with Grandpa from the beginning.
  • Deep dish pizza takes longer to cook mostly around 20-30 minutes straight.
  • On April 26, 2018, Micheal made a video based on this Cici's Pizza video and how everything went into this video.
  • Cici's Pizza was going to sue Angry Grandpa but it turned out Michael had a video of Grandpa slipping in the restaurant the same night and when Cici's was told they immediately stopped all legal efforts.
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