I WAS ROOOOOOBBED!! - Angry Grandpa


In this video, Michael and Bridgette empties out Grandpa's house on expensive things. But only for a prank, of course. They take his pictures, TV, computer, tablet, etc... When he comes back he cusses out Michael for not closing the door while they had gone shopping Chinese food. Michael tells him that the cops are coming. Then he throws the food on the floor while screaming at Michael. Michael tries to make him stop destroying their lunch, but he just stomps on it even more. Later Bridgette enters the house and grandpa is not happy... He tells her what Michael did and that he had gotten robbed. She is trying to prevent him from yelling and cussing Michael out, but grandpa wouldn't stop. Just before Michael and Bridgette reveals the prank, grandpa cleans up the food and eats it from the dustpan. When grandpa finds out that the whole thing is a prank he throws his cleaning kit at Michael. Then he threatens to call the cops on Bridgette for being in his house and preparing pranks that are on grandpa. And that is the end of the video.



  • Grandpa and Michael bought the Chinese food from a place called "Dragon House".
  • In the beginning of the video is Grandpa is driving a FORD van.
  • There is a sequel to it that came out a few months later.
  • This is the third time that year Michael attempted to do this prank.

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