"In today's vlog Grandpa expresses his outrage to Dora the explorer and her old pal knocking boots. Or just the monkey she has sex with. Same difference."
— Description

Angry Grandpa HATES Dora the Explorer is a rant video where Angry Grandpa watches Dora the Explorer and talks about how much he hates the show. It was uploaded July 21, 2011 by GrandpasCorner. It has gotten over 200,000 views as of April 2016.



The video opens with Angry Grandpa complaining about how parents let their kids watch Dora the Explorer. He goes on about how back when he was a kid, he liked "good" cartoons such as Yogi the Bear, Looney Tunes, Wally Gator or any other old Cartoons he didn't mention. He expresses his worries on how Boots will get Dora pregnant while out in the woods and how Dora is a "whore". He rants about how Dora probably does not have a green card. The "Backpack Song" segment plays where he continues complaining about Dora possibly becoming pregnant. He would not let his grandkids watch this show and thinks that she and her cousin, Diego, are performing incest. Angry Grandpa goes far enough to compare his wife (now divorced) as Dora, and would rather hang out with her than his own wife.


-Dora the Explorer is one of many kids shows Angry Grandpa hates. Others include SpongeBob SquarePants, Max and Ruby, Team Umizoomi and Yo Gabba Gabba.

-Angry Grandpa is quite racist in this video, assuming that Dora is performing incest and is an "illegal immigrant".

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