"Angry Grandpa survived the rapture! 10-21-2011! Now where's Harold Camping's new prediction?"
— Description

Angry Grandpa HATES Harold Camping is a controversial video uploaded onto TheAngryGrandpaShow in October 2011. In the video, Grandpa rants about the Christian "bible thumper" and radio personality Harold Camping.



See also: The Hag

At 2:02, in the background, there seems to be a head floating or appearing next to a trash can, and seconds later disappearing. The figure is believed to be a ghost or paranormal being according to many, but is most likely just a cat that jumped on and then off the trash can.

According to Grandpa himself, the figure is The Hag.

AGP HAGcircle

The alleged ghost.

The video has been featured in many Top 10 videos.

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