Angry Grandpa Lights Out 1,2,3 & 4 is a series created by Michael Green where Angry Grandpa, his son, his ex-wife & his grand children sleep, drive and relax when Grandma doesn't pay the light bill and the power is cut off. Grandpa, now forced to sleep in the van decides to go back inside and weather the storm. The Camera eventually dies.

About The Series

The Series has four parts of Angry Grandpa lights out videos. The Series ends later when Grandpa is outside & the camera evently dies.

Part 1

The video starts as the old trailer is in a complete lack of lights and warm temperature, where Tina explains that she used money to buy Christmas presents and Elvis cups; Michael reminded her to use the 200 dollars for the light.

Angry Grandpa arrives from shopping and discovers Tina's actions; he eventually gets angry on her and starts the insults. The family starts to find solutions but get cut of ideas as Jennifer's kids are present and falls short of money: Tina has only quarterd of the bill's money and Grandpa has only 21 dollars, which is unnecessary to pay a motel/hotel room; although Tina with the kids can get a free room but they will be expulsed because of Grandpa's smoking habit. Michael also reveal that Tina bought presents for Kim and her baby, where Tina planned to keep it secret. The video ends when the family decides to eat a Dollar Menu McDonald's (a new concept back in 2010) and to do not pay a meal for Tina.

Part 2

The series continues with the family eating their meal in the cold trailer, with Tina staying in the living room where she hasn't a meal.

Meanwhile, a storm begins outside. After the meal, Michael suggests to do a blood gift, only to get 25 dollars. Grandpa decides then to go outside with Michael to find a drive-by; they encounter Deborah, Tina's sister, and they discover that Tina gave her and her husband a gift, although it is not revealed. However, before meeting Deborah, Grandpa admits that he gave her 170 dollars in addition of the 200 of Michael, meaning she spent 370 dollars in Christmas gifts instead of bills. They then go sleep in the van to get warmer, as the storm has begun.

Part 3

The Greens are trying to sleep in the van to get a warmer temperature, but unsuccessful.

The storm then made the temperature worse by dropping it to 23 °F (which equals at 5-6°C), and a strange gas odour is in the air. Michael notices the trailer's door is still open, whom he is scared about being stolen. All the family starts to sleep.

Part 4

The finale starts when Grandpa is woke up by Michael who heard strange noises on the car, which Grandpa thinks to be the cats Tina fed.

The family wakes up and then evacuates the car when Grandpa farts. They then take fresh air, until Grandpa starts to feel sick and decides to do not sleep; they then go back into the trailer, where Michael decides to go to Bridgette's home to work and to do not feel embarrassed, unfortunately leaving the parents and the kids in the cold storm and lack of electricity. The camera then eventually dies.


  • The song used to insult Tina in Part 2 is actually a parody of a old McDonalds' ad song.
  • It is never revealed what Deborah and her husband got for Christmas. However, the toys the kids received are shown in a Christmas Meltdown video, back in 2010, where Grandpa destroys the Christmas tree.
  • A Part 5 was supposed to exist, but it is unknown if it's due to the camera's death or it was supposed to show a aftermath or just the continuation.
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