"It could be the most frustrating game Grandpa's ever played, when he takes on the challenge of Flappy Bird.. A game that turns flappy bird into Angry Birds in a matter of seconds.."
— Description

Angry Grandpa Plays Flappy Bird is a video where Pickleboy tries to get Angry Grandpa to play Flappy Bird. The video was uploaded on February 1, 2014 and has over 6.4 million views as of July 2018.



Angry Grandpa


Angry Grandpa is shown a new game on his tablet called Flappy Bird. He thinks that it is just Angry Birds at first. The object of the game is to prevent the bird from falling down onto the ground by tapping the screen as well as getting it in-between pipes. When Pickleboy fails to get the bird through the first set of pipes, Angry Grandpa makes fun of him a little.

When Angry Grandpa plays it, he does no better. After hitting the ground a second time, he shouts "MOTHERFUCKER!" but tries again. He asks Pickleboy what he is doing wrong after failing some more, to which he replies that he is not tapping the screen in time. Angry Grandpa gets pissed and flips the tablet over, though it only suffers a crack.

Pickleboy tries to show Angry Grandpa a trick, but he won't let him, trying to grab the tablet away from him. To avoid throwing a fit, Angry Grandpa takes a "walk" around his living room while taking a portrait off of his wall and slamming it onto the ground. After more failure, he grabs a wooden chair from the living room knocking it on the ground and then ripping apart its legs. He takes the broken chair outside and gets into his car. Pickleboy warns him that Bridgette's car is blocking his way out of the driveway, but he does not care. Instead, Angry Grandpa drives into the neighbor's front yard and exits through their driveway.


Tablet Angry Grandpa cracked screen
Chair Angry Grandpa broken down


  • Angry Grandpa hates Flappy Bird more than Candy Crush (if he hates it then why does he keep playing it)?
  • The pipes in Flappy Bird are identical to those in Super Mario World.
  • Although it appeared time and time again that Angry Grandpa's tablet was going to be destroyed, it only suffered a small crack when it got flipped over.
  • Bridgette was not seen or heard in this video. However, it is entirely possible that she was in the house as Pickleboy mentioned that her car was blocking the driveway.
  • Angry Grandpa tried to get the bird through the first pipe a total of 20 times, but only succeeded once.

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