"Grandpa destroys Pickleboy's iPhone when trying to play Pokémon GO for the very first time!"
— Description Of Video

"Angry Grandpa Plays Pokémon GO!" is episode of Angry Grandpa. After waiting days to play it because of the weather, Michael and Bridgette go to AGP's house and take him on an adventure to catch Pokémon, and to their surprise, he likes the game. However, he starts to get irritated when his daughter, Kimberly Green, starts to call. He tells her to stop and then hangs up, but Michael tells him it's no use, because she'll keep calling. After numerous calls from her, he breaks Michael's phone. The video has over 1,300,000 views as of August 2016.


Angry Grandpa

Michael Green


Kimberly Green (calling Michael's phone)


  • During Grandpa's gameplay of Pokémon Go, he caught a Venonat and a Pidgey. He even caught an Eevee in the aftermath video.
  • Grandpa believes that farting attracts Pokémon to the phone, which is very untrue.
  • Somehow the phone kept on ringing after it was clearly broken.


People were mad at Grandpa because he broke the phone just cause he didn't wanna answer and how he could've just have do not disturb on (this prevents any phone calls). Others were mad because he just blew Michael's hard-earned Pokémon to death.


Victims Destructor Result
Pickleboy’s iPhone Angry Grandpa Destroyed; disposed of
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