Angry Grandpa Ruins Another CHRISTMAS is a video that was originally uploaded on back on December 2008. It involves Angry Grandpa yelling at his nephews about getting girl toys. The video has become infamous for Angry Grandpa using homophobic slurs.


The video starts with one of his nephews, Johnny, opening up what appears to be a stove play set. The rest of the family thinks it's cute except for Grandpa. He calls Johnny a "queer" and that he shouldn't play with feminine toys. Michael tries to defuse the conflict by saying that it's just a toy and that Grandpa cooks. Grandpa then imitates a stereotypical gay person and out of anger, he throws toys on the ground. Grandpa then suggest that they should buy them more masculine items, like guns. Strangely, when the family tries to calm Grandpa down, Jennifer says that Grandpa's dad used to play with those toys, but Grandpa tries to avoid the statement. Grandpa then throws more toys, one of them at Johnny, but he doesn't react. Grandpa then accuses Jennifer for buying cheap toys, but Jennifer uses sarcasm to avoid the argument. Jacob appears in the room where Grandpa aggressively grabs him, but Michael makes him let go. Johnny holds a box of shoes, where Grandpa wants to make sure if they are "queer looking". However, the shoes appear to be blue. But Grandpa's anger gets worse when he finds a dog plush and yells at his nephew, thinking he has a boyfriend. Grandpa further yells about how they should buy more masculine items instead of kids toys. Johnny then throws something at Grandpa, which he proceeds to throw back at him. Jennifer tells him to shut up, which Grandpa yells back. Then the video ends.


At first when the video was first uploaded, it didn't get too much attention. But after Grandpa's death, many fans use the video to accuse the family of abuse. Some criticize the video for Grandpa's homophobic views and abusive tactics. Speaking of which, the nephews don't appear to react to the toys being thrown at them, which some think that it's so common for them, that they're used to it. Some fans know that Grandpa has become nicer and accepting over the years, but just want an official apology from the family.

On a twitch stream, YouTuber, streamer, and Michael's friend, Boogie2988 was asked a question about the video which he responds saying that it was a skit. They didn't accept the answer since Boogie has his own controversies. Unfortunately, Michael has never responded to the video's controversies.

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