"Angry Grandpa Ruins Thanksgiving" is an episode of Angry Grandpa.


Michael goes outside and see Tina giving the whole turkey in a red plate to the cats. Michael try to prevent her but she ignores him and continues. Michael eventually report that to his father(who ia talking to a fan via Skype).

Charles takes the plate and argue that she's not going to give turkey(Tina says that is "some" turkey). After a failed attempt from Tina to get back the plate, Charles breaks the plate, with the turkey and add some ingredients taken from his fridge.

Tina eventually slides on the "cat food" and blames Grandpa. He shouts to his wife to clean the mess and the telephone rings.

One of the neighbors called the police and Michael answers. After being in another room to talk to the police because Grandpa was shouting, he sings to Tina that she is going to jail for feeding the cats, he takes a fight and blames her because she "cut him".

Michael gets back and tell the others that the cops are coming.

The video ends with Angry Grandpa telling to tina to swipe up the floor.


  • Charles can be seen singing "You're Going to Jail" to Tina when Tina is about to go to jail.
  • In the removed video Angry Grandpa Gets Arrested, Charles is secretly filmed while taking to the cops. It may be the cops called in the Ruins Thanksgiving video.
  • The aftermath of the video is called Part 2


Victim Destructor Result
Plate Of Turkey Angry Grandpa Destroyed, Thrown Away & No Longer Edible
Plate Angry Grandpa Smashed
Gravy Angry Grandpa No Longer Edible
Dressing Angry Grandpa No Longer Edible
Tina Green Unknown Saved
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