"Grandpa heads over to Taco Bell to give their morning breakfast one more try.. AND HE STILL HATES IT!!"

Angry Grandpa STILL HATES Taco Bell Breakfast! is a video uploaded onto TheAngryGrandpaShow YouTube channel on 22 September, 2017. The sequel to Angry Grandpa HATES Taco Bell Breakfast!, this video was also the last time Michael and Grandpa went to a fast food chain to try a product.


Michael goes to Grandpa's House to get him to re-try Taco Bell's breakfast. They drive to Taco Bell in the 55 Chevy, and order the breakfast menu. Grandpa tries it, but still hates it and spits it out the window. He takes another mouthful, then throws up into the bag. Jennifer then tries some, and she likes it.


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