""Grandpa isn't happy with Papa John and he wants to talk to 'the bastard himself!'...""
— Description

Angry Grandpa vs Papa Johns Pizza is a rant video where Angry Grandpa attempts to call up Papa John's in order to make a complaint. This video was uploaded on August 4, 2012 by GrandpasCorner and has over 475,000 views as of May 2016.


Angry Grandpa




Angry Grandpa is on the phone trying to contact Papa John's pizza. However, they will not pick up and he is stuck on hold. Eventually, they pick up and he proceeds to tell them that he made an order for a girl in Orlando, Florida. He says that the pizza guy in Orlando apparently would not give the girl the pizza because Angry Grandpa wasn't there to sign it. He says that he has been ordering people Papa John's for a long time across the United States, including Alaska.


-Angry Grandpa has been ordering pizzas for kids all across the country for over one year.

-Papa John's no longer requires a signed bill if the order is made online.

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