As a community, we here at The Angry Grandpa Wiki value our contributors. However, we must make sure that we provide boundaries like any other wiki here.

These guidelines will serve to try and help contributors who are confused or who may be needing a little help while also discouraging contributions that are not acceptable to The Angry Grandpa Wiki.

The Guidelines

General Rules

  1. Plagiarism Please post original content on this wiki. If you do find something that looks like it was copied off another website, please notify an admin.
  2. Language & Grammar While The Angry Grandpa content does use curse words, it is not acceptable to use negative language against characters of The Angry Grandpa or users of this wiki. In comments, we will not accept spam of any kind. This wiki is for people who understands English. If you're having trouble translating your edits into English, let an admin know.


  1. Trolling and Harassment If you see a troll, please report to an admin right away. We want this place to be user-friendly and no spam is allowed. Whether it be humor or harassment, we will not tolerate or hesitate to bring down the troll. PLEASE! Do NOT entertain the troll. If you do, you will be reprimanded. We want this wiki to be friendly and for users to feel welcomed. Trolling and Harassing will result in an immediate ban. We do NOT play around with this.
  2. Edit War If one redos an edit that one does and the chain continuously goes on, the article that has those re-done edits will be locked until further notice and the users will be warned.
  3. Respect Be nice to other users and respect the administrators. We are here to help you for anything here, and be respectful of other people's opinions and edits.


  1. Use Templates for video pages! There is a template for the use of editing pages describing a video. It is found here. If you're going to fill in a page involving a video, please put all information in it before publishing. Also, if you are having trouble getting screenshots of a video for the video thumbnail, let an admin know. We want these templates to look perfect.
  2. No spamming This rule speaks for itself. Do not spam edits or comments.
  3. No "One-Line" or unnecessary pages This is a major problem here. We do NOT need to involve every family member of the Green Family on here if they are not in the videos. Any characters going back further than Angry Grandpa's Grandmother is unnecessary, and any pages made that violate this rule will be removed and the user will be warned. Also, no One-Line pages or anything that is useless to the wiki. They do not provide any use for the wiki and they will be removed.
  4. Do not recreate deleted articles/categories Please do not recreate deleted articles and/or categories without administrator approval. If this act happens under an admin's nose, the editor responsible will be found and will delete the recreated article.
  5. Do not rename images When you upload an image, it might say that the image you are uploading has the same name as another image. We ask that you change the name and not overwrite it. If you overwrite, then the image you uploaded will be on every article with that name.
  6. Do not create pages dedicated to yourself Please do not create/recreate pages dedicated to yourself. Use your profile!
  7. Do not publish fake edits When you are editing a page, Please don't remove something from a page and publish it, and then add the same thing to the page. anyone that does this, will be reprimanded.
  8. Privacy Issues Please, do NOT post addresses of houses or real names of people that were not referred to as their real names in the videos for the safety of the wikia. There are some exceptions IF The Angry Grandpa characters allow it. (Example: 5430 Ree St. because the trailer is no longer there and the property is Boeing's. Angry Grandpa also allowed it since he said it out loud for his fans to know.). Failure to abide by this WILL result in an immediate ban. We're not here to try to stalk them or give out their personal information.
  9. Do not mention or create pages about Juliette (McJuggerNuggets Girlfriend) and her family members. Since this is The Angry Grandpa Wikia, we normally don't have a rule like this, but due to McJuggerNuggets being involved with the cast, we have placed this rule for the safety of the wikia. She has previously threatened to take down The Psycho Kid Wikia in late 2015 due to her as well as her family members being posted on the wiki. If anybody is caught making pages, posting images, or even mentioning her, the user will receive a strong warning.


  • Bans can range from 7 days to 3 months, sometimes even longer, and on occasions, PERMANENTLY! This all depends on the severity of the rule broken. New editors and users must abide by these rules if you wish to contribute to this wiki. We're not expecting a strict rule set, we just want to make this wiki run fluently without any problems. Do not worry, we will warn you if the rule is broken before any other action is taken. Thanks for reading and happy editing!


Failure to comply with these rules will result in a punishment. There will be a 3 strike rule implemented immediately. Depending on the severity of the broken rule, stricter alternatives may be issued.

  • Strike 1 - An admin will message you a warning of what rule was broken and how to improve behavior.
  • Strike 2 - An admin will issue a 3 day temporary ban on which you will be unable to contribute to the wiki.
  • Strike 3 - An admin will issue a permanent ban on which you will be unable to contribute to the wiki.
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