Annabelle (born December 24, 2014) is one of two Solid White German Shepherds owned by Grandpa.


Grandpa found Annabelle's offer on Craigslist. He went to get her shortly after he moved back into the house. She lived in some part of South Carolina, far away from her dog partner Atticus before Grandpa bought her. Even before it was known to the public that Grandpa owns dogs, Michael and Bridgette suspected it. Though Grandpa denied having dogs, there were clear signs that proved otherwise. A dog cage could be seen in the dining room and two half empty food bowls were sitting on the terrace. Finally, in a KidBehindACamera vlog, it was officially revealed that Grandpa owns dogs.

According to AngryGrandpaLive's video, Angry Grandpa Returns To Twitch!, Angry Grandpa says Annabelle is pregnant and may sell the puppies she gives birth to. It is unknown which dog caused the pregnancy. It was revealed in one of Jennifer’s Livestreams that Annabelle along with Atticus live on a Shepherd farm.

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