Aunt Maude (born March 1, 2017), usually known as just Maude or Maudie is one of Angry Grandpa's dogs.


  • She is the daughter of Scout and Boo. This also makes her a descendant of Pie
  • Aunt Maude is a name from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, which is Angry Grandpa's favourite book. All of the dogs he owns are named from this book.
  • Her first appearance was in GRANDPA GETS A PUPPY!!, but she was mentioned in an earlier video on the Charlie Chill channel.
  • She was part of a prank in STEALING GRANDPA'S PUPPY!, in which Michael and Bridgette pretended to steal her.
  • Her name was first revealed in THE PUPPY HAS A NAME!!
  • On the 1st official livestream, Maude was accidentally stepped on by Michael, which caused her to run off yelping.
    • Since this event, Maude has growled at Michael whenever she sees him


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