In many of the videos for The Angry Grandpa Show, is well known for Angry Grandpa to have a blowout. These reasons can vary from a prank being played on him, for items of his to go missing, and beyond.

(Incomplete) List of Blowouts

# Blowout Reason(s) Video
1 Candy Corn Blowout Angry Grandpa's candy corn is half-eaten apart. 1
2 Halloween Candy Blowout Michael wants to give out candy Angry Grandpa received in a mail as a gift from a fan to kids in the trailer park for Halloween. 2
3 The Blowout After Christmas 3
4 The Cheese Block Blowout Someone has been eating Angry Grandpa's block of cheese and leaving teeth marks in it. 4
5 Angry Grandpa's TV Blowout Michael gave Angry Grandpa an older TV for his living room, when he wanted a HDTV. 5
6 4th of July Blowout When Angry Grandpa is trying to do a vlog on the 4th of July to thank the troops for the service they have given, his neighbor Tina keeps interrupting him. 6
7 The Princess Video Blowout Angry Grandpa blows his top because Bridgette has yet to do her 200,000 subscriber promise of wearing a dress in public. 7
8 Angry Grandpa's Picklegirl Blowout Grandpa has a blowout when he thinks Pickleboy isn't going to live up to his end of a bet he made with Grandpa... 8
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