The Boeing Company is the world's largest plane and helicopter manufacturer, as well as one of Angry Grandpa's most hated things.


Takeover of Trailwood

See Trailwood for more information

In early 2012, Boeing acquired the Trailwood trailer park in Summerville, Grandpa's then-residence. The company evicted every single resident of the park, including the Green family without providing any financial help whatsoever, causing many families to lose their trailer. Since the trailer was passed on by family, Grandpa was deeply angered. With the help of Bridgette, however, Grandpa managed to find a new home in Shannonwood of Moncks Corner. The property has since been turned into a parking lot.


Boeing was the centerpoint of many pranks Michael pulled on Grandpa, with Michael taking advantage of Grandpa's hatred for the company.


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