Boo (born March 20, 2016) is one of Angry Grandpa's dogs. He is a white chihuahua with large light brown spots, primarily on his ears.


Grandpa got him and Scout, while Michael was at Wrestlemania in Dallas Texas in April 2016. Him and Scout are first seen in a vlog uploaded on Michael's channel called GRANDPA'S GOT PUPPIES!!, where he meets them for the first time.


  • Boo and Scout are named after the two characters Arthur "Boo" Raddley and Jean Louise "Scout" Finch from the Novel "To Kill a Mockingbird".
  • Boo and Scout had a daughter in March 2017, Aunt Maude
  • Angry Grandpa wants Boo and Scout to have more puppies, but he doesn't think they will because Boo is a "window-licker."
  • Boo now lives in Mississippi with Lauren
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