"What's up, ladies and gentlemen of YouTube - Boogie2988 coming at you live, once again, through the power of the internet..."
— Steven's YouTube intro.

Steven Jay Williams (born July 24, 1974), also known as Boogie2988 and by his fictional character name Francis, is a YouTuber and another one of Michael Green's friends. He is mainly known for his comedic vlogs and game plays and even has over three million subscribers.


Steven was born in St Paul, Virginia growing up in an abusive household with his mother until he moved out. He joined Youtube in 2006 where he made simple sketch videos until he became popular with his character, Francis. The character Francis, rages about video games and Mt Dew. He became hugely popular amongst the community gaining over 4.35 million subscribers, also getting friends such as Michael Green. He got gastric bypass surgery to further lose weight and also got surgery to have implant teeth, since his old teeth had root tips and chipped teeth. Some even called him the "Mr Rogers of Youtube".

In recent years, Steven has gotten in multiple controversies. For example, when someone donating said that he was black, Boogie said "That's a lot of money, I guess, for a person of color, or is it not?". Boogie conducted an "interview" with Michael about the controversies associated with him. Many hated the interview, criticizing how Boogie easily took in answers and didn't ask "actual important answers". On a Twitch stream, someone asked Boogie a question about the controversial Angry Grandpa ruins another CHRISTMAS video. He stated that the video was a skit, but most fans didn't accept the answer.

Probably the worst thing Boogie did was when someone asked a question on why he was so hated on a Twitch stream. Boogie talks about the different types of haters until he mentions haters who "take things out of context and create a new narrative, to ruin other lives". He further states that these types of haters are worse than nazis and rapists because he thinks they're redeemable. Boogie has received gigantic amounts of backlash and hate for these comments. He tries to defuse these comments by saying that he meant haters who stalk or kill other You-tubers. However, these comments didn't help deflate the backlash.

COLLAB SERIES (work in progress)

Boogie2988 was first involved with McJuggerNuggets when he invites him over. Things seem normal at first until things start to get more suspicious, for example, Boogie wanting to sleep with Jesse. He's shown to have a obsessed relationship with Jesse and his Psycho series, wanting to be involved in it and threatening him. Finally, Jesse snaps when he discovered a whole room dedicated to him, with a blow up doll with his face on it. Boogie hits him with a fake baseball bat but still hurting him, forcing him to hide in the attic. With the help of his camera man, Parker, he managed to escape. Jesse later found out that the whole scenario was actually a prank conducted by Boogie and Michael. Jesse became so enraged that he returned to South Carolina to get revenge on Michael.


  • He has undergone Gastric Bypass and has lost over 200 pounds.
  • He won the trending gamer category at the Game Awards 2016.
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