The Border Patrol Series is a trilogy montage where Angry Grandpa interacts with Latino and Hispanic Americans (which he refers to as "Mexicans" and "Illegal Immigrants"). The trilogy ran from June 26, 2011 until February 29, 2012.


  • Pickleboy
  • Angry Grandpa
  • Worker who sprayed Angry Grandpa (Parts 1 and 3)
  • Unidentified Worker (Part 2)
  • Homeowner (Part 1 Only)

Special Notice

Synopsis (Border Patrol)

"Angry Grandpa becomes a border patrol agent when he spots a possible illegal immigrant in his neck of the woods"
— Description

As they are driving into their neighborhood, Angry Grandpa tells Pickleboy that he has seen "Goddamn Mexicans" and wants to know if they have green cards. He then exclaims that he is an American citizen and that they are stealing his money via taxes. He pulls up to a driveway where he sees a man of which he described. Angry Grandpa tries to get the man's attention, but he is busy spraying windows of the house. He then knocks on the homeowner's door, to which the homeowner does not want Pickleboy recording him, so he records from outside the house. The worker sprays Angry Grandpa with the power hose, and Pickleboy tries to get him away from the house before he gets in trouble. The homeowner comes outside and possibly called the cops while the two drove away. 

Synopsis (Border Patrol 2)

"Angry Grandpa can't find his hammer! I guess I shouldn't have given it away"
— Description

Pickleboy is recording outside to find Angry Grandpa throwing and placing items out of his shed. Angry Grandpa tells him that he is looking for his hammer in order to do some more home remodeling. He continues ranting when Pickleboy tells him that the hammer is not in there. Apparently, Angry Grandpa payed $5.95 for the hammer, which Pickleboy gave to the "Mexicans" to use in order to remodel. Angry Grandpa farts and continues throwing stuff from his shed until he finds his hammer, even though Pickleboy just told him that he gave it away. 

He goes into the house for an unknown-at-the-time reason. Grandpa later walks outside with a border patrol cap and tells Pickleboy he is going to find the Mexicans who "stole" his hammer. Later the two drive up to the house and Angry Grandpa has a lengthy conversation with one of the workers. Pickleboy, however, stays inside the car thus the conversation amongst the Mexican and Angry Grandpa is inaudible. When they drive back home (without retreiving the hammer), Angry Grandpa says that he knows they took his hammer. 

Synopsis (Border Patrol 3)

"Angry Grandpa hires a Mexican to paint the trailer"
— Description

Pickleboy returns home to find out that all morning a Mexican that Angry Grandpa hired has been painting the outside of his trailer, to which Pickleboy recalls that this was the same man who sprayed Angry Grandpa (in Part 1). A flashback from Part 1 is played confirming this. Pickleboy records the man working on painting the trailer, and Angry Grandpa tells him that he should paint professionally as he does a good job. He tells Michael that he hired the worker for only $300. Angry Grandpa later listens to the music the worker is listening to on an MP3 Player. Angry Grandpa later states to Pickleboy that he could have only payed him $250 or even only $200. 


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