The COLLAB SERIES is a series created by Jesse Ridgway on November 5, 2016 that follows Jesse attempting to expose Michael Green and his Angry Grandpa Show series for being "staged", like his very own Psycho Series was revealed to be. This is the first time Jesse has done an official crossover series with KidBehindACamera, Boogie2988 and Angry Grandpa. It's also the first time we see Psycho Dad and Angry Grandpa interact, confront and destroy objects with each other.


Months following the end of the Psycho Series, Jesse gets jealous that his long-time friend and fellow YouTuber Michael Green, along with Angry Grandpa and Michael's girlfriend Bridgette West, are supposedly still getting attention for their lives more than he has got. In an effort to see if the videos from TheAngryGrandpaShow are fake just like the Psycho Series, Jesse and his cameraman Parker Zippel travel all the way to South Carolina and made a road trip to Summerville to locate Michael's house so that they can question him if the series was fake. However, after failing multiple times to get Michael and his family to confess in which Michael denies the videos being fake, Jesse and Michael's friendship slowly deteriorates as tensions are highly raised throughout the series to where the two friends fought in the house. Not only that, but Jesse also goes through great lengths by sneaking around Michael's home as well as encountering Angry Grandpa himself and breaking into his house with a drone.

Sometime later, Jesse is invited for a sleepover in Arkansas by Boogie2988, another long-time friend and YouTuber whom Jesse met at Vidcon. While Jesse and Parker are hanging out with Boogie as things seem normal at first, it suddenly starts to get more suspicious as the two soon come to realize that he is acting like a psychotic obsessed fan since Boogie has an obsessed relationship with Jesse and the Psycho Series and attempts to be involved in it while threatening Jesse and Parker by forcing them to play video games with him, resulting in the two being held captive at his house. Things start to get more intense as Jesse discovers a whole room dedicated to him which includes a blow up sex doll with his face on it while also getting hit by Boogie with a baseball bat that results in Jesse retreating to the attic and getting himself trapped inside in the process. Luckily, with the help of Parker, Jesse was able to escape and travel back to New Jersey. Despite the incredibly worrying actions Boogie had committed towards Jesse and Parker, it was revealed that he wasn't really an obsessed fan that he made himself out to be as he was instead acting like his characters Francis and Redneck Jesse since they are actually the ones who caused the trouble. Later, Jesse finds a video uploaded on Boogie's channel which turned out to be an elaborate prank set up by Boogie and Michael as the two have a conversation on how they set up the obsessed fan prank on Jesse to get back at what he did at the Green's home and that Michael had contacted Boogie since he was the one who asked Boogie to invite Jesse over to his house.

Later, Jesse and Parker would return to Summerville causing havoc with the Green family, eventually leading to Psycho Dad and Angry Grandpa facing off for the first time as they both end up destroying stuff together in a pool house where Michael's brother Charlie Green was meant to be living in since he was released from jail, satisfying both Juggies and Youngins. Later, as Jesse and his father are having a conversation with the Green family, Angry Grandpa admitted that he was scared of Jeffrey Sr. during that time. In the end, the two families finally get back in touch with each other and pay for any damages that were caused with the destruction, settling Jesse and Michael's relationship. The next morning, Jesse farewells Michael goodbye and snaps out of character by snapping his fingers. He finally returns home to New Jersey with his father and Parker, only to find that Jeff had put his stuff in his room.

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