Cameras are devices that are used to record videos & take pictures.

Angry Grandpa

Angry Grandpa uses camera to film videos & to take photos, he has used the camera in TheAngryGrandpaShow & GrandpasCorner.

Michael Green

Michael Green has used the camera to film videos & take photos. The camera is Black & it is small, it is called a video camera.

Bridgette West

Bridgette West uses camera to film videos & to take photos, she has used it on her channel BridgetteWest, she has filmed the aftermath video that Michael is angry at royal rumble at Bridgette, the video is ‘ANGRY BOYFRIEND’S ROYAL RUMBLE AFTERMATH’ where the video continues to him having a Meltdown & a freakout of the royal rumble game.


McJuggerNuggets Youtube Channel has a Video camera & a canon 70d for Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. & For More.

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