"I want my candy bar, goddammit!"


Angry Grandpa destroying the kitchen all over candy!!!

Angry granpa

Fair Warning to anyone who tries to touch his candy

Angry Grandpa loves candy, but is very selfish about his candy, such as in 'Don't Ever Touch Angry Grandpas' Candy' or in 'Angry Grandpa Destroys Kitchen', in the latter, Grandpa became violent over not having his candy. He has even threatened Michael with a knife.


"Now thats'a snicka!"

he doesn't like Michael and Bridgette (mainly Bridgette) eating his candy and will destroy thousands of dollars worth of damage just to get his candy like in Angry Grandpa Destroys Kitchen. He goes ballistic if his candy is touched, similar to Cantaloupes, Marshmallows, Pecan Pinwheels, Giant snickers bar, Candy Crush Saga, Candy Corn and other Missing Items. Sometimes fans send Grandpa some candy.

Grandpa claims that he has given up candy and other sweets.

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