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Is it really necessary to include the whole family tree of Tina's and Charles's family?  I understand that in some videos, there are SOME family members that are mentioned, and even some that include pictures of them, but adding people that were born in the 1800's and earlier is really not necessary.  This wiki is supposed to be related to activities involving Angry Grandpa's family on YouTube, not posting ancient history about their ancestors unless they were mentioned more than one time on YouTube.  Normally, as a veteran of this wiki, I would like to see some of these pages removed as I believe they're not related to TheAngryGrandpaShow.  Like I said earlier, if they have been mentioned more than once, that's fine, but we do not need pages that involve their ancestors that go back probably past Angry Grandpa's Grandmother. Chihaku (talk) 10:24, May 19, 2015 (UTC)Chihaku

Does Tina's sister Deborah has a son or a daughter? Which month and date and year is Deborah's husband Bobby born in? Is Bobby older than Deborah? Anyway, which month and date and year was Charlene's daughter Lori born in? Which month and date and year was Shari born in?

Nobody is Mentioned in The Videos Because They Were Deceased & They Were No Longer Living, They Were Gone, They Were Dead, & They Were Never Seen Again.

This is the problem right here... Their children were never mentioned in the one video Deborah or Bobby.  We do not need these extra pages of people that have not made an appearance or even mentioned in TheAngryGrandpaShowChihaku (talk) 19:37, May 19, 2015 (UTC)Chihaku

Which month and date and year do you think Tina's sister Sharon is born in? And where is Tina's brother and sisters and herself born in? And which month and date and year do you think Tina's brother Robert Jr is born in? Isn't Deborah the oldest of Tina's siblings or Robert Jr is the oldest or Sharon is the oldest?

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