Charlene Jane Green-Gordon (November 16, 1947 – December 27, 2012) was the sister of Angry Grandpa and aunt to Michael, Charlie, Jennifer and Kim. She was the mother of Susan, Shari, Lori, Marie and Jason. She was a minor character who made a few humorous appearances. Angry Grandpa posted a while back months before her death saying that she was in the hospital for conditions that was shutting her down. Aunt Charlene passed away on December 27, 2012 due to her system failing from COPD, a lung infection typically from smoking. Angry Grandpa posted a memorial video called "Grandpa's Sister Passes Away" later that day to remember her.

Relationship with Angry Grandpa

Angry Grandpa used to clash with his sister like a normal sibling rivalry when they were young. Their mother, Dorothy, took AGP's dream car away from him and gave it to Charlene, who sold it for scrap simply because it stopped working.

Despite the troubled past, in later years, her and Angry Grandpa had a frienemy relationship, and Grandpa was in mourning and greatly hurt by her death.



  • Then you made her that way. (After Grandpa says Tina is an idiot.)
  • I know a lot more than you think I do, I'm older than you.
  • It'll be a cold day in hell I'm afraid for you Charlie... That day will never come.
  • Your hat don't fit your head, you better take it off.
  • Throws a damn machine on the floor... He not all there.
  • If she's smart she won't... She should've left a LONG time ago.
  • This is not my class... This is trailer park trash...
  • Oh my god... Forget this side I'm looking at THIS side.
  • Oh that's awful... They need to go to hell for that.
  • Lord have mercy... They goin' to hell.
  • Cheap gift's cheap.


  • Seemed to be a smoker like Angry Grandpa.
  • She gave him back the present he gave to her, because she said it was "Cheap".
  • She disagreed with the way Angry Grandpa treated Tina.
  • Despite being Angry Grandpa's sister, she didn't seem to act anything like him.
  • She was great at making comebacks against Angry Grandpa's responses.
  • She did not like her brother's trailer, nor the whole residential area of Trailwood, because she thought it was "trash."
  • She passed away in 2012, 2 days after Christmas.


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