Charlie Brown Seafood is a small fish market business in Charleston that Angry Grandpa loves. He is very fond of the Chili and Seafood that are made in the store. However, with the background music, he can't help but to cause trouble by moving dead fish's lips to Elvis' "Caught in a Trap" as well as saying to come down to the market, tormenting crabs, picking up other people's quarters, wanting the pet fish gutted and chopped to be bought, flipping off Elvis pictures, being very loud, nosing into Jerome's cooking, saying the place smells like Tina, drinking nasty old fish water, looking in employee fish coolers, and even stealing two cans of soda while Jerome is chasing him out, even with a giant mop. Michael and his dad try to escape in the car with the sodas, but Jerome catches up, telling a stranger to call the police, which makes Angry Grandpa get up and telling him he'll pay for it.


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  • While Angry Grandpa is raising hell in Charlie Brown seafood, the melody from "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid can be heard playing in the background.
  • It was believed that Charlie Brown Seafood closed in early 2013, but Angry Grandpa visited them in November 2013 and was once again kicked out.
  • This is one of the places where Angry Grandpa gets kicked out numerous times.
  • Angry Grandpa adores the Chili and Seafood here.
  • It's speculated that Jerome no longer works at Charlie Brown Seafood.
  • In the video HE CALLED GRANDPA WHAT?!! an employee called Angry Grandpa a "relic". This is deemed a fancier term for "old".
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