Christopher (last name unknown) (c. 1985 - Dec. 29th, 1996) was a friend of Michael and his siblings when they were kids, and the former boyfriend of Kim. He was struck by a car at the age of 11 while crossing the street with Kim on December 29th, 1996 in front of the entire Green family, and died on the ground shortly after, according to Michael in the vlog "BAD CHILDHOOD MEMORIES...".


Chris was a close family friend of Charles, Jennifer, Kim, and Michael, and was the boyfriend of Kim. One day, a few days after Christmas in 1996, Charles, Kim, and Chris told Michael and Jennifer they were gonna go dig a hole in the woods across the road. after 45 minutes of digging, they came back, but as they crossed the street, Kim, who was holding hands with Chris, warned him that a car was coming. Chris decided to keep walking, and as he let go of Kim's hand, the car hit him. Chris passed away moments later. The event was witnessed by the entire Green family, and the kids were especially traumatized by the incident. Chris's death inspired Angry Grandpa, Michael, and the neighbors to start a neighborhood watch program. They were on the news for it and even won an award, though it is unknown if the footage of Angry Grandpa and Michael on the news still exists. The event was discussed by Michael in the vlog "BAD CHILDHOOD MEMORIES..." and in his song "Let It go", which can be found here:

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