Chris Price used to be a minor character that would appear on The Angry Grandpa Show and was one of Angry Grandpa's neighbors that would interact with him and the other characters. He used to date Jennifer. He would abuse her and when someone would confront him about it he would lock the door and ignore it. He only appeared in the earlier videos of the show from 2007-2010.


Angry Grandpa - Old Christmas Rage

The Angry Grandpa responds to youtube

Angry Grandpa - Swimming Pool Slopfest

Angry Grandpa Hates Chris Price (mentioned)


  • "Hey Grandpa, you're all wet."
  • "That's going to be one hell of a sink hole!"
  • "You're going to need some TruGreen!"
  • "Good riddance"


  • He is referred to as the "nosey neighbor" in "The Angry Grandpa responds to YouTube".
  • He no longer appears on the show most likely due to the fact that he was arrested after a physical altercation between him and Jennifer. It is unknown what caused the altercation but what resulted was he being arrested, Jennifer getting a black eye from the punch she received from Chris, a video made that shows Angry Grandpa venting his anger towards Chris for what happened, and him no longer being on the show.
    • Before the physical altercation occurred, he seemed to share a good relationship with Michael and Jennifer since they laughed together in the videos.
  • He appeared in the AngryGrandpaARCHIVES video "Swimming Pool Slopfest", where Angry Grandpa tells him "Why don't you go neighbor your ass back in your fuckin' yard!"
  • He seemed to be in a relationship with Jennifer.
  • He never seemed to have a good relationship with Angry Grandpa since he's referred to as the "nosey neighbor" and is told to go home in the Swimming Pool Slopfest video.
Angry Grandpa Hates Chris Price

Angry Grandpa Hates Chris Price

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