Cynthia "Cindy" Jane Maloney West (born October 13, 1972) (née Maloney) is the mother of Timothy and Bridgette. She is divorced from Bridgette's father Doug, but since 2011, she has a boyfriend named Jimmy.


Cindy made her debut in a vlog called VISITING BRIDGETTE'S MOM from March 2014. According to the vlog, she had a cookout and invited Michael, however, Bridgette didn't tell him about it. She then gives him some baked macaroni squares that were leftovers as a consolation. Bridgette's mom also owns a couple of dogs, of which she is very fond of, and has given them some natural dog food to make their coats shinier.

During Angry Grandpa's revenge of pouring liquid ass on Michael, Michael and Bridgette entered her home, and she was appalled by the smell emitting from Michael, telling him he needed to learn how to take a bath. This infuriated Michael since no one believed that his dad turned a prank back onto him. She loves to be invited to Grandpa's cookouts.

She can also be seen after Bridgette's appointment at the ear doctor. At the parking lot, she gives Michael gift cards for his birthday, showing her affection towards him.

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