Clyde (born March 31, 2013) is one of four pets owned by Michael and Bridgette, the others being Bella, Lazy(sadly passed on July 3, 2018.) Bleu and Marlin and Felix, He made his first appearance in a video uploaded on Bridgette's channel called Meet Clyde. He is known to get along well with Felix. He now appears in most vlogs on the KidBehindACamera channel.


  • Michael originally wanted to name him Gandalf, and Bridgette thought about naming him Marston, but she settled on Clyde, so it could be "Bella and Clyde", a nod to "Bonnie and Clyde".
  • Has had several health problems, including sores under his skin flaps.
  • Attacks Michael's Nerd Blocks.
  • Once got a cancerous growth near his elbow.
  • Turns out it was only an infection and was treated with anti-biotics 
  • Got another cancerous growth by his left front paw on May 7th, 2018 


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