Clyde (born March 31, 2013) is one of four pets owned by Michael and Bridgette, the others being Bella, Lazy and Felix. He made his first appearance in a video uploaded on Bridgette's channel called Meet Clyde. He is known to get along well with Felix. He now appears in most vlogs on the KidBehindACamera channel.


  • Michael originally wanted to name him Gandalf, and Bridgette thought about naming him Marston, but she settled on Clyde, so it could be "Bella and Clyde", a nod to "Bonnie and Clyde".
  • Has had several health problems, including sores under his skin flaps.
  • Attacks Michael's Nerd Blocks.
  • Once got a cancerous growth near his elbow.
  • Turns out it was only an infection and was treated with anti-biotics 
  • Got another cancerous growth by his left front paw on May 7th, 2018