• Breaking and Entering - In 2001 he was arrested for breaking into someone's house. He claims this arrest record has made it hard for him to get and maintain a job.
  • Possession of drugs,drug paraphernalia,DUI,and Manslaugter by Hit and Run - In 2014 he was arrested for possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and a "hit and run" accident.
  • Child Support Violations - He was arrested again on 31 August 2016 for child support violations, causing him to serve time in jail up until November 2016.
  • Forcing Minors To Take Drugs And Alcohol - On June 2, during a dinner party for Michael's birthday at Angry Grandpa's house, it was discovered that Charlie had been giving his 9-year old nephew Jacob alcohol and marijuana. When confronted, Charlie denied this and claimed that Jacob went into his room and drank the alcohol, but this was shot down by Michael and Angry Grandpa, with the latter kicking Charlie out of his house. After a major backlash from subscribers, Michael decided to let Charlie stay with him at the pool house. This proved to be a horrible decision as Charlie began drinking every night and also started posting updates on Facebook threatening to kill people. 
  • Property Damage and Possession of LSD - The following events were recounted by Michael during an interview with DramaAlert on June 29, 2017, the same day the incident happened. 

Earlier in the day, Michael received a call from Chris, a friend of Charlie's who was with the latter at the pool house. Chris told Michael to return home because Charlie had stripped naked and was jumping in the pool and acting weird. Upon arriving home, Michael witnessed a nude Charlie running and dancing around the front yard with a pair of pants on his head. Michael approached Charlie and asked him why he was behaving like this, to which Charlie responded by screaming and growling in his face and threatening to attack him. Michael fled into his house, and Bridgette checked Charlie's Facebook page, where it was discovered that over the course of two hours, he had posted several bizarre updates such as "I'm turning green" and "I'm God". It was also discovered that Charlie had uploaded a number of pornographic videos to his YouTube channel, leading many people into initially believing that his social media had been hacked. 

Michael called Kim and told her what happened, and in turn, Kim called the police. By the time the police arrived, Charlie had blacked out and was found laying on the floor of the pool house, which was completely destroyed. When the police approached him, Charlie came to and believed them to be a popular Youtuber named Hagyrants, with whom he was feuding with at the time, and began yelling "I know you're Hagyrants! I know it's you Hagy!". Also, sometime during his rampage, Charlie had used a gas torch and burned one of his fingers to the point where it was described as being completely charred (it is unknown whether he was attempting to burn the pool house down or burn his finger off).  

Michael then stated that Charlie admitted to the police that he had taken LSD and drank two bottles of Jack Daniels. Video footage recorded by Michael showed Charlie becoming distressed and refusing to go with the police, as well as blaming Michael for the situation. Charlie also threatened to tell people that Bridgette was having sex with her cousin and was an incestuous lesbian, Michael has sex with his dog, and Angry Grandpa is a child molester (although this was not shown in the clip). Eventually, Charlie relented and was seen being wheeled away on a gurney to be hospitalized for his finger burn as was a brief mental evaluation. 

Later that day, Charlie was discharged from the hospital and caught an Uber back to the house, where Michael was inside his house editing a vlog about the incident and Bridgette and Doug were in the pool house. Michael said he heard screaming and witnessed Charlie (who was supposedly still intoxicated) hit Bridgette twice in the face. An enraged Michael ran outside to beat him up, but Charlie threatened him with a piece of broken mirror that he retrieved from the pool house. Michael and Bridgette ran back to the house to call the police, and a short video recorded by Bridgette showed Charlie advancing towards them and calling Bridgette derogatory names. Also, before Bridgette began recording, Charlie reiterated the accusations from earlier into Bridgette's phone, believing that she had already started recording. 

The police showed up for a second time, and Charlie tried to tell them that Michael and Bridgette destroyed the pool house, but they were the same officers who witnessed him do it earlier. He also told them that any drugs found in the pool house belonged to Michael, and he also denied hitting Bridgette. The police didn't believe Charlie and arrested him, and Michael said that he will not be bailing Charlie out, but instead pressing any charges he can. 

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