DOMINO'S PIZZA vs ANGRY GRANDPA!! is a video uploaded on TheAngryGrandpaShow on August 27th, 2017 at 3:58 PM EDT. In this video, Angry Grandpa loses it when nobody orders his supreme pizza from Domino's causing him to ruin Sunday dinner in the process.



Item Destructor Method Final Results
Domino's Cheese Pizza Grandpa Scrunched up, threw on floor, torn to pieces Inedible
Pizza box of other pizza Grandpa Hit against table, threw on floor Mostly unharmed, but bent.
Other pizza Grandpa Hit against table in box, torn to pieces on floor. Inedible


  • In their newer videos, including this one, Grandpa has not swore. This may be because Micheal wants ad revenue.
  • This is Doug's last appearance on the main channel before Angry Grandpa's death.
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