Deborah in "Angry Grandpa - Lights Out - Part 2"

Deborah Bray is Tina's elder sister and the wife to Bobby. She appears in "Angry Grandpa-Lights Out Part 2," When Angry Grandpa's House had no electricity due to Tina forgetting to pay the Electric Bills and Spending the money on Elvis Memorabilia. She was born on June 9, 1948 and is the sister of Robert, Tina and Sharon.


  • When Angry Grandpa insults her sister (Tina) such as calling Tina "Your dumbass sister!" Deborah doesn't seem to get offended and just laughs at either Grandpa's and/or Tina's expense.
  • Many fans dislike Deborah since she didn't try to help Grandpa or Michael and just laughs at them.
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